How to Use Mazda Connected Services In-Car Wi-Fi in Racine, WI

May 10th, 2022 by

Staying connected on the road is important for many reasons. For example – keeping passengers entertained, keeping drivers informed, or helping commuters stay productive. Boucher Mazda of Racine understands this, and we provide cars that offer robust solutions for road connectivity. Want to know how to use Mazda Connected Services in-car Wi-Fi? Keep reading!

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In-Car Wi-Fi through Mazda Connected Services

Not everyone has a great data plan. Additionally, some devices like laptops or similar may require Wi-Fi to connect. So, what do you do when you’re on the road and have up to 5 people that want to stay connected? Simple – you activate your in-car hotspot, courtesy of Mazda Connected Services.

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Check out this short but informative video from Mazda USA that details how to use Mazda Connected Services.

Mazda Connected Services – In-Car Wi-Fi | Mazda USA

We have to admit, it’s pretty amazing what can be done with technology in our vehicles. Some other technological features in Mazda cars and SUVs include:

  • Standard Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ integration. Keep connected to stream, navigate, and more.
  • SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. Mazda focuses on maximizing all driving dynamics, including efficiency and power.
  • I-ACTIVSENSE®. Mazda’s available suite of advanced safety features keeps you and your passengers safer and more secure.
  • i-ACTIV AWD®. Staying safe and having fun at the same time is possible when your traction is optimal under varying road and weather conditions.

There are many more features and reasons to buy a new Mazda, but it’s clear that the company is devoted to implementing technology in every facet of carmaking.

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Where Can I Buy a Mazda Vehicle Near Milwaukee, WI?

Now that you know how to use stay connected on the road, perhaps it’s time to meet a Mazda in person. If you see something in the Mazda lineup that you’re interested in, please contact us at your earliest convenience, or schedule a test drive.

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