Exhaust Leaks: Why It Happens

Vibrations in the steering wheel or brake pedal could be a signal of a leaking exhaust. A rusty or leaking pipe causes vibration. Rust can build up in the muffler. Water collects in the muffler and dries out when the motor is running long enough to create heat. If the vehicle is only driven for short distances, there is not enough heat built up to evaporate the water, so the muffler begins to rust.

The exhaust system is responsible for removing deadly gases in the engine. If any of the pipes leak or fail, the poisonous fumes build up inside the vehicle. These gases are fatal.

It’s important to know that any changes in your vehicles vibration or any new sounds could be a warning signal. Make an appointment today with our service department here at Frank Boucher Mazda of Racine located in Racine, WI if you notice any changes in your car’s performance.

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