When's the Last Time Your Tires Were Rotated?

Tire rotation is a confusing concept because tires rotate as you drive. However, tire rotations at our service department involve taking the tires off and moving them around. It's what helps to even out the tread wear. As you drive in Racine, WI, the tires are going to wear unevenly based on driving conditions. There's nothing you can do about it, except for scheduling tire rotations every 10,000 miles or so.

When you make an appointment at our service center at Frank Boucher Mazda of Racine, we will take excellent care of you. Let us measure the tread, rotate your tires, and help you with overall tire care. Our friendly staff members will take great care of you and have you out of here in no time.

Get your tires rotated today and extend their life, so it's less to worry about on the roads.

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