Car Battery Testing with a Voltmeter

Testing to see the charging power left in a car battery is easy if you are using a voltmeter. Before doing any type testing around the battery, it is highly recommended you be wearing safety glasses and a good pair of work gloves.

Before opening the hood, make sure to shut off the car engines and lights.

The voltmeter is a simple device to operate, it has two cables color-coded red and black.

The red cable will go to the positive end of the car battery, the black will be attached to negative.

Turn on the voltmeter, if the number reaches 12.4 or higher, then it is an indication the battery is fine and it can still hold a charge. If the reading is under 12.2, then you have reason to be concerned.

If the reading has you concerned, bring your car to Frank Boucher Mazda of Racine and we can address the charging system issues today.

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