Getting Your Headlights Fixed Is Simple With Our Team!

When you purchase or lease a new vehicle there is going to be maintenance and repairs that need to be done every so often. This is only natural and it doesn't mean you aren't taking care of your vehicle. What is important is that areas of your vehicle like your headlights are not neglected as your vehicle ages.

If this isn't something you can maintain on your own, stop down to our Racine, WI location and we'll make quick work of a number of items such as:

  • Replacing bulbs that have burnt out.
  • Repositioning your lights so they are pointing at the same height and in the same direction.
  • Upgrading your bulbs if you are having trouble seeing the road when you drive.
  • Cleaning the headlight casings to remove any dirt, debris, road salt, dust, bugs, etc. that have accumulated over time.

Stop by Frank Boucher Mazda of Racine today to speak with our service technicians about headlight maintenance.

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