Airbag Safety Tips

Airbags have saved many lives since they were introduced in cars the mid-1970's. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, newer vehicles with airbags are reducing driver deaths in frontal crashes by 29 percent and passenger bags have decreased passenger deaths by 32 percent when they're over the age of 13. Below are some tips on how to stay safe when riding with an airbag.

  • The proper seat position is for safety when your airbag deploys. It is recommended that you sit at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel.
  • When riding with kids, keep them in the back. Most front airbags are made to protect adults, putting kids who sit in the passenger seat at risk of serious injury, even death.
  • Your car may have an airbag on/off switch but you're only allowed to turn them off for special circumstances. For example if you're too short to sit comfortably away from the wheel or if you're late in your pregnancy and can keep the space between you.
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