A 2021 Mazda CX-5 driving down a road

Color Options Available on the 2021 Mazda CX-5

2021 Mazda CX-5 Exterior Color Options

After searching for that perfect vehicle, you have finally found it. The 2021 Mazda CX-5 is the ideal vehicle for you. It has every feature that will make your daily drives more enjoyable. The final step is to choose an exterior color. The 2021 Mazda CX-5 is available in eight exterior colors that are sure to impress. This blog will go over those exterior color options. Take a look so you know which color you want when you walk into the dealership.

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A red-colored 2021 Mazda6 driving on a road

How Powerful is the 2021 Mazda6?

Mechanical & Performance Specs on the 2021 Mazda6

If you are searching for a midsize sedan that is powerful and efficient, you have come to the right place. The 2021 Mazda6 is the vehicle you seek. Not only does this vehicle have an array of convenient features, but it can hold its own against other top models. Today we are going to explore the mechanical and performance specifications on the 2021 Mazda6. We will focus on the base trim; however, it should be noted the vehicle only gets more powerful with each trim level.

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A red-colored 2021 Mazda6 parked outside on the side of a street.

Is the 2021 Mazda6 Reliable?

Safety Features Available on the 2021 Mazda6

Reliability is important when car shopping. Not only do you want your vehicle to be convenient, but you want it to keep your friends and family safe. Being aware of the safety features available on your next vehicle is something to keep in mind. The 2021 Mazda6 is a midsize sedan that is reliable for an array of reasons. Today we will go over some of those features that are available on the base trim of the 2021 Mazda6. The 2021 Mazda6 is available in six trims. It should be noted that each trim level offers different safety and assistance features.

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The 2021 Mazda3 sedan driving down a road

Is the 2021 Mazda3 Sedan a Good Car?

Features that Make the 2021 Mazda3 Sedan a Reliable Vehicle

When searching for a new sedan, it is important to choose a reliable vehicle. Not only does the 2021 Mazda3 sedan have a reasonable starting MSRP but the vehicle is packed with safety features and convenience. This blog will go over some of these features to help you decide if the 2021 Mazda3 sedan is the vehicle you are looking for. We will focus on the base trim of the 2021 Mazda3. However, it should be noted that the higher the trim, the more features are available.

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Two hands holding a phone with a tiny white car and three blue lines glowing above it

How Do I Use the MyMazda App?

What Does MyMazda App Have to Offer?

Choosing a Mazda vehicle comes with many perks, one of which is the MyMazda App. This application comes with many useful features, such as a digital copy of your owner’s manual, information about your vehicle, a maintenance schedule, a recall search, and so much more. To find out how to properly use the MyMazda App, watch this video from Mazda USA.

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An oil cap in a vehicle under the hood

Should I Replace My Oil Filter During Every Oil Change?

How Long Does an Oil Filter Last?

Many of us choose to take our vehicles to the mechanic to have the oil changed, and some prefer to do it themselves. When a mechanic changes the oil, they more often than not will also change the oil filter. For those doing the oil change at home, some will skip the new filter and only change the oil. This probes the question: Should the oil filter be changed during every oil change? Today we are going to answer that question and what could happen if the oil filter is not changed after so long.

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Happy Valentine's Day with four red hearts

How Can I Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 While Social Distancing?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 with At-Home Activities

With everyone worried about COVID, you may be someone who wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 from the comfort of your home. Or maybe you are someone who is simply sticking to social distancing and is avoiding large crowds. Whatever the case, this blog will cover some of the different at-home activities you can do with your partner to make your day special.

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A car parked inside a brick-style garage

Is it Bad to Park My Car Outside My Garage?

The Benefits of Parking Inside a Garage

While many people have access to a garage, they still insist on parking their vehicle on their driveway or the front of the house/building. While this is a personal preference, there are benefits that come with choosing to park in a garage or covered structure. Between protecting the vehicle from the elements and threats, there are more perks that come with garage parking than not.

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2021 Mazda CX-30 parked on grass with a man and woman leaning on it and a white tent pitched in the background

How Reliable is the 2021 Mazda CX-30?

Safety Features on the 2021 Mazda CX-30?

When it comes to purchasing or leasing a vehicle, it is important to know if the vehicle is reliable. When it comes to the 2021 Mazda CX-30, this vehicle is filled with safety features that make it a reliable vehicle for those in the market for a crossover SUV. There are four trims available, with each offering an array of safety features that are designed to prevent collisions and protect occupants when accidents do occur.

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